gXUqqnqoSANAD Co-Founder and Program Director

Mouhanad has been greatly involved in the Syrian Democracy movement years before the Syrian Uprising. In 2009 he helped organizing the first Syrian electronic-demonstration ever for the Syrian Blogger Tal al-Mallouhi. His al-Mallouhi‘s Facebook page is considered a reliable source of information about the blogger and has been cited in most English articles about al-Mallouhi like CNN, Telegraph and many more. Since the beginning of the Revolution, he has helped organizing many large demonstrations by the White House and the Syrian Embassy in Washington, D.C. in addition to many campaigns such as Civil Syria for all (سوريا مدنية للكل) in which more than 70 Syrian politicians, celebrities and activists participated. Mouhanad has published several pieces on Syria, and he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland in 2014 where he earned a B.A in Psychology, International Development and Conflict Management. He currently works in Washington, DC and travels periodically. He focuses on international development, conflict management, and film production.