At SANAD we believe empowering individuals is the foundation for empowering society. Syrians are known for their hard work, dedication, and active engagement in their societies. The Syrian diaspora is known for its high academic achievements and education has been considered the cornerstone of the Syrian identity for centuries.

We think the only way to uplift Syrian refugees is by providing financial assistance to deserving individuals to start or continue their education in their host countries anywhere in the world.

Our process is simple, we run campaigns in the formal and social media platforms introducing the world to our applicants for generous individuals and friends from all over the world to donate. All donations are used to support the applicant’s journey back to school and grant enrollment.

Success Stories

Shrivan is Back in School: with generous support, we were able to help Shrivan who is from Aleppo go back to school in Turkey. Shrivan was subject to child labor, but he recently stopped working, and returned to being a student. He now has a group of friends and is working hard to pass all of his exams. We are still collecting donations for him, to cover his education costs for the following two years – grades 11th and 12th. 

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